Porto Puddu

Porto Puddu (or Porto Pollo) lies between Palau and Santa Teresa Gallura. It is a large inlet of white sand surrounded by Mediterranean scrub near the mouth of the Liscia and Isola dei Gabbiani, connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand. Fine sandy beaches, sheltered rocky coves, clear emerald waters, and the colours and scents of the Mediterranean scrub, rich in lentisk and cistus, are the hallmarks of this stretch of Sardinia’s northern coast. The windy character of the locality, as well as this whole area of the coast, attracts a large number of surfers and sailors, and the presence of various schools provides facilities near the beach and offers the possibility of interesting excursions to the surrounding islands. The accommodation facilities, set in a beautiful environment, offer a lower-cost alternative to the prestigious Costa Smeralda.