Finally, we are ready to welcome you to our region!

Here is a summary of the main things you will need to do in order to come and visit us:

Travellers wishing to enter Sardinia are required to register before boarding ships and planes.

How can you do this? In two ways:

  • By using the appropriate form set out in Annex A of your booking, to be filled in and sent exclusively by electronic means, in accordance with the instructions in the NEW CORONAVIRUS section on the home page of the following website
  • Or, by using the application Sardegna Sicura, downloadable from the App Store for iOS and Android operating systems designed with contact tracing functionality on a voluntary basis.

Each passenger must present a copy of their proof of registration together with their boarding pass and a valid identity document. The airline or maritime company will check proof of registration before boarding.

Until 12 June 2020, passengers who have not completed the registration process electronically prior to boarding can fill in the form manually onboard, which must be handed in to the medical service at the port or airport upon arrival.

All passengers arriving in Sardinia are required to undergo a body temperature check. If the temperature is equal to or greater than 37.5 degrees, the medical staff in charge at ports and airports will activate the procedures set out in the Director-General of Health’s decision no. 159 of 04/03/2020.”

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